Sunday, September 30, 2012

90th Birthday and Surprise Luau

Numna turned 90 this year we couldn't let it pass by like any other birthday because, well, it isn't just any other birthday!  Not many people get to celebrate their 90th, so when one does, they ought to do it BIG!  We decided on a luau theme because one thing my grandmother has always wanted to do was visit Hawaii.  And if you know my grandma, you know bright colors and flowers are her thing!

We had to postpone the party a week due to her fall (two weeks prior), and when she showed up, she looked great!  We ordered her a real orchid lei all the way from the islands and also had a few polynesian dancers come and put on a show for her.  If she can't go to Hawaii, may as well bring it to her!

Jan showing Numna all the wonderful food.

Numna and Jack looking festive.

Numna loving the attention and looking beautiful!

The family enjoying lunch with the birthday girl.

Hula dancers!
Hula lessons!
The kiddos enjoying the show! 
Numna, the dancers, and the awesome drummer.

The spread!
Tropical cheese ball
Hibiscus cake with pink and purple layers inside!  It was right up her alley!

Coconut macaroons made by Lindsay

September 26th was Numna's actual birthday so we tried our best to make being stuck in a rehab facility not so bad!

Jack and Numna getting ready for lunch.

P. Terry's picnic in the room.

Jack strapped onto her walker and enjoying lunch alongside the bday girl!

Not sure who's entertaining who!

Dinner with the group!

The boys (M, O) and the bday girl - all ready for cake!

When you're 90 you get TWO cakes!

Grands and Great-grands!

The two people behind Numna's well-being, care, doctors appointments, and yes, survival!
Mad props,  MOM AND DAD!!!

Special memories being made!

A new muu muu direct from Maui (one of two we gave her - perfect for her upcoming luau surprise party).

Mason and Owen helping with gifts and Jack in the background walking along the wall!

Erin and Numna!

Lindsay and Numna!