Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nine Months

This picture pretty much sums up what it is like around our house lately!  Not even for a second can you take your eyes off this kid!  

He took NO time figuring out how to go from rocking on all fours, to crawling, to pulling up.  I bet it was about a week each.  I distinctly remember Owen and Mason took what seemed like forever to go from rocking on all fours to actually crawling.  I know it was at least a month, if not longer.  Jack, on the other hand, has big brothers to chase.

At nine months, Jack:

  • is just SO much fun, SO dang adorable, and SO loved by this whole family!  I don't even think Owen and Mason know how to express how much they love this little guy.
  • weighs 17 lbs, 15 oz (10%)
  • is 28" tall (25%)
  • has fallen out of his crib!!!  At the time, he had not displayed any ability of pulling up, so his mattress had not yet been lowered!  Eek!
  • loves playing with/chewing on the small water bottles, especially if they're cold.  He has been known to play and talk to an empty one for about as long as I've ever seen anything hold his attention.
  • has started to allow Mommy to rock him to sleep some nights.  
  • has perfected crawling and is working on pulling up.  *Just after his official 9 month birthday, he pretty much perfected pulling up, and loves to pull up on anything and everything!
  • seems to have a little temper (or he is just very opinionated).  Take something away from the boy and he squawks.  Lay him down to change him, he screams bloody murder.  
  • has become fascinated with ceiling fans.  I thought this happened around 3 months, but apparently not for Jack.  He will position himself between two rooms so he can see both fans.  
  • is Mama's shadow and prefers to be held by her over anyone else.  He can be completely content with someone else, but if he so much as hears her voice he starts to whimper.  
  • looks up when you ask him where the light or fan is.  This was Owen and Mason's first "command" too.
  • gives a smug look, a big grin, and then buries his face in Mommy's shoulder after he whimpers and contorts his body to get out of one person's arms and into hers.
  • has graduated to the big boy bathtub and goes nuts with excitement in his 2 inches of water.  I've never seen a kid switch back and forth from a seated position to a crawling position with such excitement!  He can't decide if he wants to flop his body around in the water or sit there and splash the water with his hands.
  • has shown his protest of baby food and has started absolutely scarfing down any table food set before him.  I'm convinced it doesn't matter what it is as long as he can feed it to himself.  Among his favorites are: puffs, avocado, cheese, chicken, cooked carrots, bananas, yogurt, and even chicken spaghetti.  
  • (I think) says "more" in sign language.  His looks more like a clap, which is why I'm unsure. He seems to have used it several times in the right context but it may have just been coincidence.
  • can often be heard saying "mamamama."  May just be him babbling, but he seems to say it when he sees/hears Mama, or wants Mama to rescue him from a diaper change or something he doesn't like. 
  • thinks it is hilarious when his Aunt Lindsay's husky licks his face or when our cat nips his hand because he pulled her ear a little too hard.
  • found the dog food, which found it's way to his mouth.  
  • thinks the springy door stoppers are the best invention ever.
  • can entertain himself with toys for a good while - longer that we would expect for this age (which still isn't all that long).
  • likes to have his head rubbed just like his mama, aunt, and granddaddy.
  • is super curious, always crawling off somewhere else than where we are to check something out.