Monday, April 23, 2012

McKinney Falls Adventure

Every now and then Aaron has a "slow" day on the school front and we are able to head out for a family day.  On April Fool's Day we headed south of Austin to explore McKinney Falls State Park.  (By the way, the kids April Fool's joke to me was delivered by Owen: "Mommy, I pooped in my pants!").

Here are Owen and Mason checking out the Lower Falls.

They thought standing on the cliff was pretty cool.

Daddy let Jack put his little toes in the water.  He LOVED it!  Those little legs went ninety-nothing kicking that water!

All my guys enjoying the cold water.

I love this picture!  They are each holding onto each other's shorts so the other doesn't fall in. (M, O)

Proud to be on this little rock with Dad's help.

Jack was happy to take a break in the shade.

Mason testing the limits of Daddy's reach.

Owen testing the limits of his balance on the slippery rocks (yes, he bit it)!

On our little hike.

Leading the way.

insisted on not riding in his Ergo.  I think he wanted to look forward!

Their impersonation of the lizard that ran across our path. (M, O)

Trying to keep the little munchkin cool and shaded.

Finally talked Daddy into wading to the other side of the creek at the Upper Falls.


The calm side of the falls.

Waving from the other side of the cliff.

Mason relaxing.


My cute guys! (M, O)

Gathering rocks to throw into the puddle.

Why is this so fun for a little boy?