Friday, April 13, 2012

Jack - Seven Months

Not much to say except that it is pretty clear that this family is in LOVE with this guy!!  Owen and Mason argue over who gets the spot in the car with the best "Jack view!"  I am constantly hearing them say "but Jack distracted me!"  I have to agree, it is hard to get much done around here when he's awake.  All we want to do is play with him and watch all the cute and new things he is doing.  Such a perfect addition to our family!

At seven months, Jack:
  • weighs 16 lbs, 15 ounces - 25th percentile.
  • is 26.5" tall - 25th percentile.
  • has had several nights of sleeping about 9 hours straight, and as a result, he FINALLY sleeps in his own, very adorable room!
  • goes to bed awake, sometimes with a protest, sometimes not.  His protesting can usually be solved quickly with a couple of minutes of back patting or bottom bumping.
  • can sit up for quite a while but is still a bit wobbly.  He isn't quite ready for a restaurant high chair or shopping cart just yet.
  • wants EVERYTHING and has much longer arms than we realize...he has flipped a bowl of fruit off the table and showered himself with fruit juice.
  • is still wearing size 2 diapers.
  • has zero teeth.
  • wears 6-9 month clothes and even a few 12-18 hand-me-downs (he is smaller than Owen and Mason were at this age). 
  • jabbers a LOT and can often be heard saying his favorite word "ah-ba."  He is also having fun with m sounds, b sounds, and d sounds.
  • really enjoys being outside, but who doesn't this time of year!
  • LOVES kicking his feet when he's happy (or really mad) and can often be found with little red/raw arches from so much excitement in his feet!
  • is proving to be a light sleeper.  He seems to wake easily from naps, sometimes due to his big brothers (who try very hard to remember to be quiet), sometimes for no real reason at all.
  • claps!  He sometimes claps on "cue" when he hears you say "yaaaaaay!" 
  • quits crying and/or gets a huge grin if you sing Numna's enfamous "da de da de da de daaaa..."
  • rolls to get places or toys and pivots on his tummy.
  • has started sleeping with his little bottom in the air.  Just adorable!
  • is learning about cause and effect!  He loves to bang on tables, toys, people, or he will bang two objects together to see what sounds he can make.
  • tried out a swing at the park for the first time and loved it.
  • still loves smiling, watching his brothers, and jumping in his jumperoo.
  • won't eat baby food!  We've tried rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, and bananas. BUT...
  • he LOVES pickle juice. 
  • if he's hungry and I'm holding him, he will "dive" down to assume the nursing position. 
  • has enough hair now for it to blow in the wind and get a little bit of bed-head. 

I did turn seven months on Easter afterall, so I get to chew on an Easter egg!