Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, what a fun, busy weekend we all had!  Mimi and Papi drove down from Lubbock and stayed with us, while Numna and Bee stayed at my mom and dad's house.  The dads did a little shooting, the kids got to do some swimming, the ladies sat by the pool and enjoyed a relaxing lunch, we all went to a great little Easter party/egg hunt, we dyed eggs, ate a fun outdoor dinner with my sister and the rest of the family (13 in all), and that was just Saturday!!  We got home really late and still had to make sure everything was ready for the Easter Bunny.  (Owen is in green, Mason in teal).

How cute is this of Mason!?  He posed himself like this.  Love this guy!

The little ladies and the big boys enjoying lunch by the pool.

Man on a mission!

Egg races!

Off they go!  Rumor had it there were more eggs in the neighbor's yard!


Jack sitting up so well!

Mason and Owen dying eggs.

The next day the kids enjoyed 2 egg hunts, an Easter basket full of goodies, an Easter basket "refill" once we got to my parent's house, some good food, and lots of cute pictures!  So many that I will post a few here but also link to the rest of the album. 

Excited about Easter baskets! (M, J, O)

Owen showing off his new shirt.

Mason really into his new car.

Jack couldn't get enough of his new chewy!

Jack's first Easter basket!

Mimi and Jack.

Owen on the hunt.

Mason checking his fort for eggs.

Evening things out (M, O)

Owen going through his eggs - he found a Cars 2 car in one of them!

Mason checking out what he found!  A Cars 2 car also!

Jack going through his 2nd round of Easter basket fun. 
It's an owl nightlight from Granna and Granddaddy!

O and M loving the goodies!

Happy baby on his first Easter!

The poor guy just spread out flat when we layed him down.  He was spent!

Bee and Numna watching all the action.

Jack cuddling with Daddy!

Family picture for Jack's first Easter.

Just like a picture I have of Owen and Mason on their first Easter...wearing the same outfit!

A look's Owen and Mason at 11 months. 

Numna and her great-grandsons!! (M, O)

With Daddy's side (M, O)

Layin' in the grass! (M, O)

Time to hunt more eggs (O, M)



Daddy hanging out on the porch with his boy.

These ladies can't get enough of these boys! (M, O)

With Mommy's side (M, O)

They love Aunt Lindsay! (O, M)

Link to the rest of the super CUTE pictures:

4-9-12 Easter