Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of Pre-K!

Well, I can't believe we are here! The kids are now the same age as the kids I taught when I was pregnant with them. I remember thinking back then how weird it would be when they got to that age...those kids just seemed so....old!

Thankfully I held up just fine though! Nothings a guarantee, being pregnant and all...but I was more than relieved to see them SOOO excited to start their new school. They were literally running up to the front door as we got close...and when we told them bye, it was just a wave. I had to ASK for a hug and kiss. I'm okay with that though. It means they are comfortable!

I wasn't sure how they'd take to it when I was researching Austin schools over the summer. They were pretty used to their other school in Houston. But after seeing this school in action, I have to say I think we made a great choice! They even get to eat their lunch in a lunch room so it will be great practice for the real deal next year. Their teacher is warm and inviting, and so is the aide (she is a labor/delivery nurse by trade so I'm sure the kids are in great hands with boo-boos and sick days)!

I picked them up after school and they couldn't tell me quick enough about their day...the volume of their voice going louder and louder! I think they had fun! The comment from Owen was "it was REALLY fun!" And both teachers were very impressed with them; their behavior, their participation...everything that impresses me about them, I'm sure! ;)

Here are some pictures from the "meet the teacher" day (the kids are wearing red and blue) and from today...the FIRST DAY OF PRE-K!!!

Meet the Teacher and First Day of School