Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day in the middle of a hard couple of weeks of packing and staging our house to move!  It was a welcome break from all the chores we had been doing.  Yes, we still did some work on the house that day, but we made sure to take some time out to honor the dads in the family.  Granna and Granddaddy had been in Houston helping us pack and entertain the kids, so we got to celebrate with Granddaddy too!  We opened some presents and cards, went to eat at a yummy (but crowded) bar-b-que place, and Aaron had a chance to make (yes, make) his Father's Day gift with the kids. 

I don't think this was actually on Father's Day, but it sure is a fun way to hang out with Granddaddy!  (Mason is the caboose).

Giving Granddaddy his gift.

"It's a.........what is it?"  They had no idea!  It was an electric razor.

Granddaddy taking time to explain and show it to them.

Proud of the card they signed and colored for him. (O, M)

Mason giving Daddy his card.

Daddy reading his card in front of two proud lil boys.

Thank you hugs for Mason...

...and Owen

Group hug!

Daddy opening his gift they picked out for him...it was a set of 3 race cars to paint and race.  Perfect for just the 3 of them!

They also picked out "My Dad, My Hero" and signed it for him.

A picture of all the goodies and all the boys! (M, O)

Here's Owen working on his race car.

And Mason, with the concentrating tongue, just like his daddy!

Men hard at work on a new paint job.

Okay, everybody smile for Mommy! (M, O)