Monday, April 26, 2010

Smart Cookie

We were in the car today and a random Hawaiian song came on my ipod. It started off with a ukulele and I told the kids what they were hearing. "Do you hear that? It's called a ukulele, it's like a little guitar." Mason says, "does it go like this mommy?" Being that I was driving at the time, I could only assume that he was making a guitar motion with his hands since pretending to play the guitar is a pretty common thing around our house. I flipped the rear view mirror down and saw him. He had one hand in a fist under his chin and the other hand had one little finger sticking out, going back and forth over his fist. He was pretending to play the violin. WHAT?! We've never really talked about the violin and I can't imagine that he's seen one too many times. But, he remembered that somewhere along the way he saw something that looked like a little guitar with a long stick moving back and forth across it.