Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun in Austin

These pics are a looong time coming, but better late than never I guess...

Granna and Granddaddy are building a new house out by Lake Travis. It's pretty hilly around there and they discovered some cool trails that they were dying to show to Owen and Mason. One weekend we decided to take O and M on their first hike to check out what living in the Texas hill country is all about. We had fun being outdoors and could envision Owen and Mason really loving these trails as they get older, especially when they are old enough to explore on their own!

We also took a day trip train ride up through the hill country, stopping for lunch in Burnet. Owen and Mason thought the "real" train was the coolest thing ever! They were so proud to sit in their own seats, have a snack, and even stand up while the train was moving! They especially liked checking out the engine (LOUD!) from the door of the first car, and the open air vestibules between each train car. They stuck their head out like a puppy and saw the steam coming from the engine. They loved hearing the whistle blow at each crossing and thought it was cool that the cars had to wait for us. Mommy thought it was cool too...for once, WE had the right-of-way! We get stopped at least once a week on the way to or from school by the longest, slowest train EVER...which Owen and Mason think is AWESOME. They make me roll down my windows so they can hear it while we discuss what we think is in each train car.

Granna and Granddaddy will close on their new house on Owen and Mason's 3rd birthday (May 10). The marina is thisclose to their house and we are looking forward to lots of fun weekends on the trails and on the lake this summer!

Hike, Train