Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Silly Sayings

Last Thursday I had to go to the doctor and had to explain to the kids that we weren't going to see Dr. Nguyen (their pedi), we were going to see Mommy's doctor. They told me (and later Daddy) that they "took Mommy to the doctor." It melted my heart because I've always heard stories about little boys loving their mommies and taking care of them.

Another day last week they told me to "come on, let's go get on our pirate ship!" They each climbed in their beds and pretended they were in their own ships. They were "going out in the ocean" and their way of driving an imaginary pirate ship wheel was the same hand motion as "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round." They told me they were going to see other pirates in the ocean and saying "bye pirate mommy, bye pirate Mason/Owen," that water was coming into the ship (they pretended to dry it up) and Mason called it "ghost water," I guess because he couldn't see it? No idea how he knows that ghosts are invisible considering all the ghosts in his Halloween books are clearly visible. Then they pretended to go fishing and did the actual (yes, they remembered from fishing this summer) hand motion to reel in a fish. Our cat walked in and we pretended she was a catfish, which they thought was hilarious because they definitely remember the nasty catfish we caught this summer. Then it got dark (Mason dimmed the light) so we pretended it was the moon. Of course, Owen had to come help make it dark from Mason's ship (that is where the light switch is) but on his way back he declared there were crocodiles in the water and that he needed help getting back to his ship. I told him to hurry fast so he (and Mason following) ran across to the other ship and were so happy! "I made it, Mommy!" (Which then ended their pirate adventure because now the new game was running back and forth between beds to escape the crocodiles).

This morning the kids woke up about an hour early and were chasing each other around the house and cracking themselves up. Then I heard them giggling while telling each other the "creepy crawlers are gonna get you!" No idea where they heard that term! So funny!

Later, we were at Stomping Grounds (indoor play place) and Owen was on his way to climb up to the top. He stopped and told me "see you later, crocodile!" ("see you waiter, crocodi-yoh").

I know there are so many other funny things they say and I will have to remember to blog them when they happen so I can remember it forever! I love my babies!