Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall In Lubbock

Well, it seems that we've made it a sort of tradition to head up to Lubbock every Fall. It gives us a chance to feel some cool fall air for once, to do the corn maze and other Fall-centric activities, and most importantly to get some good time in with Mimi and Papi. Oh yeah, and every other year there's a football game I'm particularly interested in attending.

This year was no exception. Owen and Mason had a great time hanging out with Mimi and Papi and the weather (with the exception of a very cool and windy afternoon at the corn maze) was great. Kyle and Manda were in town, and our friends Paige and Blake made the trip this year so we had a bunch of our favorite people around.

Owen and Mason made pumpkin cookies with Mimi, and I'm pretty sure they set some sort of record for most sprinkles per cookie with that batch. On Saturday, the kids had fun with the grandparents at Papi's party for his department while we went to the game. On Sunday, we did our best to get in the Halloween spirit. We got some little pumpkins for Owen and Mason to paint, and our first-ever Jack O' Lantern was carved.

Overall it was a great, relaxing weekend. And what could top it off better than the first Aggie win in Lubbock in 16 years.