Saturday, June 20, 2009

What we're up to

We've been having a fun summer so far. We've been spending a lot of time outside this year after being tied up inside for most of the last couple of years. We enrolled Owen and Mason in their first "activities" recently. They have a swim lesson twice a week with Daniel at Lifetime Fitness, who they have fun with. They are really getting comfortable in the water and they will kick their feet and paddle with their hands and they can hold their breath and be dunked underwater. They also just started a once a week gymnastics class.

As far as development goes, the biggest thing is that they are really conversing a lot more with everyone. They will play together and have real conversations using (mostly) sentences. They are learning about reason and negotiation when it comes to getting what they want.

Their new favorite thing to watch on TV is a Mickey Mouse DVD that Erin got. They follow along with the story, and point out what's going on and crack up at the funny parts. It's kind of hard to explain, but they can now follow a story - whether it's a book or a show or a sequence of events that you explain to them. It's been a really fun thing for us to see.

We're continuing to get caught up on all of our pictures and videos from our computer upgrade. This set is from a few weeks back when Granddaddy helped set up their pirate wheels on their swing set. There are some other cute ones from around the house as well.

Around the House