Sunday, December 21, 2008

O, Christmas Tree

This year the boys were old enough to help with the ornaments. We decked them out in some cute pajamas, put on some Christmas music, and went to town. Mason actually put the star on the top of the tree when Daddy lifted him up. We figured we'd have to redo it after the cute photo op but he got it on there. Owen was supposed to have a turn but he was too interested in putting the balls on the tree. He got mad when we tried to make him switch tasks. Maybe next year. We also had fun playing with the train that Numna gave the boys last year. They love it so much that they constantly knock it off the track because they like to touch it. We discovered it was easier if we just let it drive around the living room sans track. They just march along right behind it, watching it drive around. They were in such amazement at the tree and it wasn't even surrounded by presents. We can't wait to see their reaction on Christmas morning!

Decorating the tree