Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas! The boys are at a great age and it was so much fun! We had the whole gang at our house: Mimi, Papi, and uncle Kyle from Lubbock; Great-Grandma Mary from Missouri; Granna and Granddaddy from San Antonio; Aunt Lindsay from Austin; and Numna and Bee from San Marcos. Oh, and don't forget the 2 extra cats and 3 extra dogs for a total of 4 of each! Phew!
It sounded hectic going into it but it was amazingly simple, relaxing, and enjoyable. We all went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service to get into the true spirit of the season. Owen and Mason really enjoyed the live Nativity, complete with 2 camels, a donkey, a calf, a mommy and baby goat, and a real baby Jesus.
Owen and Mason awoke to Santa's gifts strewn about our living room. A train table complete with the coolest of train tracks, parking garage, and roads. Fire trucks that can actually be driven by little guys were a big hit since these little guys are WAY into 'cucks, voom voom' (translation: trucks, vroom vroom...every time they see one). Remote control cars, money for a rainy day, books, letters, hammering bench, Disney DVDs, and even an abacus from their Finance major Uncle Kyle.
We are all so thankful to every one in our special family. Aaron and I know that Owen and Mason love their gifts of love. They've hardly touched their 'old' toys and all the new ones are still out and about in the living room. You guys are awesome and the love you show our babies is so appreciated. We know that Owen and Mason will grow up knowing that there is always a lap with enough room for two...and a hug to go with it!

Christmas Eve around the house

Christmas Day