Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictionary, Drawing

WOW! We were in the car on the way to San Marcos and I started drawing familiar pictures on the magna-doodle to entertain the kids. Amazingly, they played pictionary with me! Here is a video of Mason playing with me while Owen watches...

Since we now have these little magna-doodles, the boys think it's really cool to draw. The genius part is how they hold the pen. Both of them already have an almost perfect pincer grip. Aaron's mom (Mimi) is an occupational therapist so she is very familiar with this skill. She was blown away that they can already hold a pencil at such a young age. Most kids grab the pencil in their fist...I even had some 4 year olds in my class that couldn't do this! At the end of the video I draw the letter M. I had just taught Mason what this was and he repeats it back to me...although he says 'mmmm.' I have since asked him that letter every day and every time he tells me 'mmmm.' Genius!

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