Tuesday, July 8, 2008

14 Months, 4th of July

It's been a little while since I've updated on the happenings of Owen and Mason. They are becoming little toddlers and I can't believe the things they are learning! They are only 14 months old and they already have a fairly big speech vocabulary and an even bigger knowledge of things they know but can't say. I think they're little geniuses myself!

Both Owen and Mason know where several of their body parts are already. They have known 'eyes' for a while but now Mason says 'eyes' perfectly as he points. They can't say nose yet but if you ask either of them they'll toddle over and point yours out. Owen all of a sudden showed us where his toes are. He just bent over and pointed at them when asked. We had no idea he knew this and we were both surprised at our little smarty pants! Apparently kids of this age should only know where one body part is so we're doing good!

They've also been learning animal sounds. We went to a park the other day and there was a dog barking. Both of them froze in their tracks and started saying 'ah-ah, ah-ah.' Again, didn't know they knew this sound! Of course they know 'quack-quack' for duck, bird, or any beaked animal. They have been saying 'mmmm' (moo) when they see pictures of cows, and they like to make a snorting noise when they see a pig. Of course, they don't say their noises 100% of the time, nor are they 100% accurate with matching animal to his noise, but I'm still impressed! They other night Aaron decided it was time to start calling a duck by it's name instead of calling it a 'quack-quack.' Owen imitated immediately with'guck' and kept saying it as he pointed to it. Mason and Owen both say 'ish' for fish and can point one out in a book.

Both little guys have shown an interest in dressing and grooming as well. Apparently it's an 18 month skill but they both know how, and love, to brush their teeth. They open wide and say 'ahh' at the sight of their toothbrush. When I give it to them they know to wiggle it around in their mouth. Of course we follow behind to make sure their teeth are nice and clean. Owen recently got his first molar (that makes 9 teeth) and we didn't even know it! He never acted fussy or ran a fever. The only reason we discovered it was because he was crying one day with his mouth wide open. Mason's teeth stalled out after 7 but he just cut his 4th bottom tooth a few weeks ago. Besides teeth-brusing, they also like to comb their hair. If I hand them their comb they put it up to the side of their head and 'comb' it. Of course, they are using the non-bristled side of the comb but, hey, they know what it's for! And since we are walking now, we've been putting on shoes a lot lately! The other day I said, 'come on, let's go put your shoes on.' Mason walked right over to the little bench where we put shoes on, sat down, and stuck his foot in the air. I had NO idea they knew what all those words coming out of my mouth meant. I told Owen to go get his shoe (it was across the room) and he walked over to it and brought it to me. They also try to put their shoes on themselves. They obviously can't do it but they sure know where their shoes go. They also know it means we are going bye-bye because once they have their shoes on they wander around the entry way and whine until I gather all my gear and open the door. Another word Mason has recently learned (thanks to Granna) is diaper. He says 'da-pa.' Owen usually spits out 'ba-poh' when he tries to repeat it. I guess that's the easiest thing for kids to call it-I remember my sister calling them 'boppers' when she was little. They have also learned the sign language for 'all done' and throw their hands up and say 'duh' (for done) when they are finished eating (or even when they're not-they just think it's fun).

Oh, how could I forget!! They said their first attempt at 'Numna' when we were visiting last week! For those that don't know, Numna is my (Erin's) grandmother. She holds her name very near and dear to her heart, as it was my way of saying 'grandmother' when I was little. She is very proud of it because she knows she is the only Numna. So, to hear her great-grandchildren repeat her name was pretty cool.

Our hard work paid off! After 2 or 3 nights of 'teaching' Owen and Mason finally know how to walk around their little 'fort,' go through the door, climb up on the platform, and slide down. Their instinct was to slide down and then climb back up the slide to do it again. All is good except when you have a brother who is waiting at the top of the slide for his turn. They were so mad at Mom and Dad for making them walk around to the back. Finally, one night it clicked! Paige was 'catching' at the bottom of the slide and she said 'go see Mama.' (I was hearding them through the door). They would toddle around to the back saying 'Mama.' This was also the first time they used the word Mama and actually meant ME! Heartwearming!

As you know, both Owen and Mason love to dance to music. They have been doing it for months and months now. I didn't think it was any big deal but my mom kept commenting on how much they like to move to music. I was reading something tonight that classified dancing to music as a 17 month skill. Who knew? They also love to read books and have free access to lots of board books on their bookshelf. They sit and flip the pages and jibber-jabber at all the pictures. They both point at everything they see. Owen has a new 'thing' now though. When he sees something he wants to tell you about he'll point at it (touching the picture or object) and tap his little pointer finger up and down while telling you all about it. I guess it's his way of making sure you see it. Again, not bragging or anything, but apparently 'reading' board books alone is an 18 month skill. Geniuses, I tell you!

The pictures for this post are from several activities. The babies and I went to San Marcos to surprise Great-Great Aunt Bee for her 89th birthday. It is her first without her husband, Roy, and she never had any kids of her own. Needless to say, Owen and Mason are her 'grandkids' and it was a very fun surprise for everyone! We went to Aquarena Springs and rode the glass bottom boats (which Uncle Roy helped design the first one a long time ago). We also checked out the little aquarium at Aquarena Springs. Owen and Mason were fascinated with the giant tank full of giant fish. Also included in the pics is the boys' second 4th of July, and first 4th of July parade. They weren't too impressed. They just wanted to walk around. Maybe next year. They did, however, enjoy the fireworks that night. We spent the day with Paige and Blake, just like last year. I included a picture from the 4th last year...they were only 2 months old!

San Marcos Trip

July 4th


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Hi Erin and Aaron, Aren't twins both a lot of work and a lot of fun?

Our twins daughters turned 16 this spring and got their drivers license. Next college... gulp!

Take it easy,

Jim Cahill