Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Airport Fiasco!

Mimi and Papi flew us up to Lubbock for a long weekend and we had lots of fun! The flight there was exhausting! Both boys were squirmy, sleepy, and wanted nothing to do with sitting on our laps! The first leg was full and the flight attendant made us sit across the aisle from each other. Doesn't she know flying with twin toddlers is hard enough! We were able to get a seat between us on the second leg but by that time the kids had had enough sitting still. Up, down, peek-a-boo with the seat behind us, this toy, that toy...they weren't being bad, they were just being toddlers. Before we left I did LOTS of research on how to fly with twin toddlers. Everything I read said let them burn off energy before boarding, and use a harness! One small problem. You can't yank a kid back towards you like you can a dog. At one point, I had BOTH boys by myself...AND the stroller. This doesn't seem like that big of deal but when your kids are too young to know how to walk next to you, or in the same direction, being alone with two kids on harnesses is hysterical. Owen was on my right, out as far as his tether would let him go. Mason, on my left, was out as far he could go. I'm in the middle with my arms stretched to the max, beckoning one of them to come back towards me so I can grab his hand and take him closer to his brother. Oh, AND I've got to drag the stroller by the seat because they have wandered too far away from it to leave it. Like I said earlier, kids are not like dogs. If they were ever going to be like dogs, this would be the time. It would have made things so much easier to give them a little yank and have them go the direction I wanted. One yank on these guys and they fall on their butts and let out a cry of annoyance because I made them fall. At one point, Owen (in my right hand), wandered to my left as Mason (in my left hand), wandered to my right. All somehow without me being able to switch the hands I was holding them with. I had to do an amazing spin move to uncross my arms...oh, and don't forget to drag the stroller! I think this was the first official time that the boys have ganged up on me! Some of you are wondering why I didn't just pick them up, one under each arm, and wait for Aaron to get back. Don't think I didn't wish I could...and I did as soon as one was within arms reach. Most of the time, my arms were so stretched out that I couldn't move towards one guy without yanking the other guy down. I was basically stuck. All I kept thinking was "go, go, gadget, ARMS!" Would've been nice...

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