Monday, June 23, 2008


Well, the day has come! Our babies are walking! They both started right at 13 months. I've been asked, "so, who started walking first?" Tough to say, actually. Mason was balancing on his own and taking 3-5 steps at a time before Owen was brave enough to let go of our fingers. Then Owen got brave and did it too. Not long after that, Owen took 10-12 steps on his own as long as he was already standing. Then Mason figured out how to stand himself up so he started getting more practice (since Owen had to wait for someone to come stand him up). Mason had better balance than Owen but Owen would take more steps. Then Owen figured out how to get up on his own last Saturday. Ever since then, the sound of little footsteps across our hard floors have increased. Mason takes small, controlled steps with his elbows bent by his side (Aaron calls it the T-rex walk). Owen tries to go fast (too fast that he falls) and takes bigger steps as if he is marching. His arms are straight out in front of him (the Frankenstein) or out to the side. Walking is now their mode of choice, and of course, they are working on running!

We are behind on our blogging so let me update everyone on our happenings...
We went to San Antonio for Father's Day and didn't tell anyone that Owen and Mason were walking. Everyone was so surprised and excited. We went to the SA Children's Museum (not as cool as Houston's) and went swimming in Granddaddy's pool. For Father's Day everyone pitched in, including Owen and Mason, to get Aaron a professional quality camera. We decided that these years were to precious not to get the best pictures possible. Since it arrived in the mail a few days before Father's Day he got to play with it and figure it out (much to my dismay but the other's involved in the pitching-in said he could open it early). We are already getting better pictures and Aaron hasn't even figured everything out yet. I can't wait to see what we'll get when he does.

One thing we didn't get a picture of was our new Father's Day "tradition." For those that don't know, last year the babies and I named a star after Aaron (we named it Daddy) and gave him a telescope. The idea was that every Father's Day the three of them could go outside together and try to locate Daddy's star. We all went outside but since we are no experts, we had a hard time finding it in the telescope. We did find the Little Dipper (which it is just off the corner of) so at least we were able to look in "the general direction." Oh well. The babies enjoyed pointing at the full moon and saying either "light" or "ball." Although it wasn't perfect, we still achieved our goal which was to create a new family tradition and spend time with Dad.

First few pics with new camera

Test shots outside


Father's Day Weekend

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