Saturday, June 8, 2013

21 Months

At 21 months, Jack:
  • is a complete blabber-mouth!  This kid says more sentences, expresses his wishes, repeats the most complicated words, and bosses people around like no other!  I love it!
  • is more coordinated at this age than his brothers were.
  • loves a good wrestling match with his brothers.  If he sees either of them sitting on the floor (usually minding their own quiet business), he will undoubtedly flop on top of them, hoping they'll take the hint.  How could they not?  They've got a human between them and whatever it was they were doing!  Luckily, they love any and all attention Jack will give them.
  • loves to be tickled!  His way of letting you know is either telling you "tickle Mommy/Daddy/etc" but really means Mommy/Daddy/etc tickle Jack.  The other way you will know is he will turn around backwards and back up to you with a big grin on his face, and lay back on you.
  • thinks he's older than he is.  Not just a few years older, say 6, like his brothers...he thinks he's 23 and should be able to drive a car, tell people what to do, and have his own iPhone.  
  • will confiscate you iPhone before you can blink, swipe to unlock, find the yellow flower icon, and will flip through the photos for as long as you let him.  He LOVES looking at pictures of his family more than any baby/kid app that exists!  He even knows that the little triangle will start a video.  All I'm sayin' is thank GOD for iPhone photo albums!  It has kept our little loud mouth quiet in situations when he really needs to be!
  • is completely content if you let him play in the car, trying out his brothers' big car seats, trying to buckle things, climbing in and out of his own car seat, and his favorite - pretending to drive or be the passenger.  Today, as he was pretending to drive (I was standing outside the open driver's door) he told me "Mommy, get in car!"  The boy was ready to go!
  • knows what he wants and will tell you in no uncertain terms!  He has become quite bossy lately - luckily it is still pretty darn adorable!  Some of his commands lately:
    • he loves to buckle his chest clip on the carseat.  He isn't very good at it and only gets it about 10% of the time.  So we stand there and give him a few tries to get it right before we help him.  He picked up on this, and now he tells us to "get in car" before he will buckle it.  He doesn't want ANY supervision at all!  And until you leave (pretend to get in the car), he won't even try.  
    • Will do this to anyone, but yesterday he very firmly tapped the ground and said "Daddy sit down."  Once Daddy sat, he then said "Daddy lay down."  Once Daddy laid down, he said "tickle Daddy" (which means Daddy tickle me).  
  • really, really enjoyed his first "real" trip to Disney World.  He was only 3 months old when he went the first time, so this time he was out of his mind excited about EVERYTHING!  He was a little nervous on certain rides because it was dark or had weird noises, but still made it through by nuzzling into my shoulder.  His favorite rides were Tomorrowland Speedway, Teacups, Dumbo, and the Royal Carousel.  He also went bananas over the electric parade (who wouldn't)!
  • is super attached to his "nigh-night," which is the name for these certain blankies he snuggles.