Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mother's Day

We had a nice Mother's Day (that kicked off the busiest week in our family's history)! I got to sleep in a little and then the kids gave me their gifts. We hit up one of my favorite lunch spots, took a nap, did a little shopping, and had some yummy Mexican food for dinner!

Mommy and the BEST boys (M, O)
Owen's gift to me

Mason's gift to me

Thumbprint cute!

A Dr. Seuss book I can read them, proudly signed by the cuties!
Mason wrote: "Happy Mother's Day" and signed his name.
Owen wrote: "We Love You!" and signed his name.

Mommy and Mason

Mommy and Owen

Another gift they picked out for me: a puppy board game to play together! (M, O)

And we HAD to play it immediately! (Owen)
It was all they could do to keep it a secret for 2 days!

What a treat! Owen offered to sweep his play-doh mess!

Of course, Mason couldn't be out-done!

My two awesome boys! Next year there will be THREE!
(O, M)