Monday, March 28, 2011

We Have Daddy Back!

The last two weeks have been crazy for Aaron at work. He wasn't traveling but he may as well have been! I think the kids saw him something like 9 hours in 12 days. He would walk in the door just as we were finishing our last bedtime story. So needless to say, we were very happy when we had him back to ourselves this weekend. We decided to take a mini-vacation to Port Aransas. The kids LOVED it, I think it reminded them of Hawaii since that was the last time we went to a beach. I know all the sunscreen and swimsuits sure made me nostalgic!

We stayed at Port Royal, which had an awesome pool and the kids thought their "secret" sofa bed was the coolest thing ever! This time around the beach was pretty full of seaweed and the water was a bit cold, so they were happiest at the pool...still cold water, but they didn't care at all. We ate at some yummy places, did a little shopping, had some fun picking out candy at the candy shop, stopped for ice cream, and rented a buggy named "Lucky Charm." We tried to get out and explore the jetty and spot some dolphins, but the kids just wanted to keep driving around. Didn't care about dolphins...only about driving in the buggy! They did make an exception for the ice cream shop! We wore these poor kids out with all the fun we had! Owen fell asleep while sitting on the couch on Saturday, and they both slept the entire 3.5 hours back to Houston yesterday! Well worth a family weekend together though!

Here is a link to the pictures we took of our trip. Normally I would intersperse them into the text, but seeing as how I am so far behind on blogging, I figure I will stop making it such a task and just get the post out there.

3-26-11 Port Aransas