Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun in January!

We've had a fun and busy January so far. Several trips to the zoo (if you ever want to see active Cheetahs, go on a really cold day), belated Christmas with Paige and Blake, a visit from Granna, play-dates with friends, and lots of playing with Christmas toys!

Owen and Mason also had their very first teeth cleaning. I was nervous because Aaron was out of town for work which left only one parent for two possibly screaming toddlers. I have to say, my kids go with the flow because they climbed right up in the chairs (which weren't even side by side) and did everything the hygienist asked. Not a single tear was shed and they were super proud of their goodie bag full of toothpaste, floss, and new tooth brushes!
Here's Mason checking out all of his loot!
From Drop Box

And Owen showing it off. They both did PERFECT!
From Drop Box

Here's an album of all of our cutest pics from the last several weeks...
January Fun

Here is a hilarious video of Aaron playing with Owen and Mason. It all started when they tried to sit on his lap and he'd move his leg and they'd fall on the floor. They thought it was hysterical...and then all the other silliness followed. If you're in need of some true toddler belly laughs and a brighter day, watch this video. The video itself seems stretched vertically so everyone looks kind of narrow...but I think you'll get the gist. And yes, he is doing it all in his work clothes. What a great Daddy!!