Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I turned 30 about a month ago and am just getting around to posting about it...yes, that's how un-excited I am about it! My wonderful hubby, my parents, my sister, and bff Paige and hubby Blake, all worked their tails off to pull a fast one on me! I knew my parents were coming in to town to watch the kids while I went out with a few friends. The day of the "party," my mom mysteriously got sick and couldn't get out of bed. What I didn't know was that they were all at Paige's house pulling off a big surprise. They know me well and knew they had to make it seem like it was my idea to end up over at Paige's later that night. I thought our "party" was canceled and that Paige's mother-in-law was going to watch O and M while the 4 of us went out to dinner. Here I come, bursting into my surprise party with all of Owen and Mason's gear for the night!

The theme was great...80's...complete with Tang, slap bracelets, splatter paint, and everything else 80's that still hides out on store shelves. It was a ton of fun and my first-ever surprise party. Many thanks to everyone who celebrated with me and an even BIGGER thanks to my hubby, fam, and bff for all the hard work! It was totally radical, dude!

Erin's 30th