Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Full Name

A few months ago, Owen and Mason learned their full name with me only telling them a few times during one day. I was shocked that it didn't confuse them seeing as how they think their names are just Owen and Mason. I finally got it on video but Mason has a stumble over Owen's name even though he says it perfectly every other day. I couldn't get him to do a retake because he was too interested in getting done so he could use MY camera to take his own pictures (this is why he keeps saying "Mason's turn" and reaching for the camera). He also knows how to show 2 fingers since he is 2, but again, all he could think about was getting it over with so he could have the camera (or so he thought)!

Oh well. They're still cute as can be! And yes, Owen put his hat on just like you see it!