Monday, October 5, 2009

Galveston in July and Other Adventures

Still playing blog catch up, I don't know how we got so far behind! Here are some cute pics and videos of the boys swimming and jamming out at Granna and Granddaddy's. The video of them swimming and going underwater was the first time they willingly went under on their own. We were in the midst of swim lessons and we basically had to bribe them to get them to go under. All of a sudden, on this day they decided that they were just gonna do it. Since then, they LOVE going under, popping up, and announcing that they went under, just in case you didn't notice!

Swimming Fun in Galveston

Here's a few of Owen getting his new tooth and fun in their big boy beds.

New Tooth and Big Boy Beds

Ever since I was little, I can remember my grandmother, Numna, singing this song. It was only natural for her to sing it to Owen and Mason, too. It's not too complicated, just some da de da's, but it's neat to see my kids singing the same song she taught me.

Here's Owen breaking out into his own little solo.

Here's a video of Owen jamming out on a sax while Mason does a silly dance!

And here is Mason on the guitar and Owen on the sax...complete with the instrument slam at the end.