Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brag Alert!

I braved the train and zoo by myself on Tuesday and we all did pretty well. Besides riding the train 3 times and standing in front of the giraffes for 30 minutes, it was a pretty fun day. Just joking. I loved every minute of it. In one of the "hoofed animal" habitats, there were also some very tall, lanky birds roaming around. I was showing the kids the different animals and I called the bird a "big bird." Owen said, "it's a crane!" Well, Owen, thank you for clearing that up for me. Shame on me for thinking that a two year old wouldn't know what a crane was! This comes only a few days after Owen told me that the dirty puddle of water was a "mud puddle." Where does he get this stuff?

Now for Mason. While Aaron and I were on our trip, we called home quite frequently to talk to the kids. I knew Mason (and Owen too, for that matter) could speak very well, but I was blown away at how clearly I could understand him. I guess I just figured that a lot of his clarity (to me) was due to context clues or by watching his mouth. He was also able to carry on a mini conversation with me without Granna prompting him on how to answer my questions or what to tell me about. Owen does a great job over the phone too, but he gets so excited about whatever he is telling me about that he gets talking too fast and ends up tongue tied.