Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Lost May Pictures

Oh boy! We are behind on sharing some pics! These are out of order, seeing as how we've already posted Father's Day a while back, but better late than never!

One week after Owen and Mason turned 2, their cousin Julian had his 3rd birthday party in Austin. We made the trip and combined the weekend with seeing RENT. Julian is very into things with wheels which suited Owen and Mason just fine. We rode the Zilker Zephyer and spent the afternoon back at Julian's house. It's always great getting our kids together. Julian's mom and Aunt Tera are my 1st cousins and my sister and I grew up going to their parties and them coming to ours. It's a tradition we're determined to continue.

A week or so later, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Manda came to visit. Kyle and Manda had fun acting like kids at Stomping Grounds with Owen and Mason. And of course, Owen and Mason think they are pretty cool for it, too. We are super excited for Wednesday because Kyle and Manda are coming to visit again. This time, they're returning from 6 weeks in Ecuador. We will be very happy to have them back safe and sound. If you're interested in their trip and some great pictures, check out Manda's blog: Leave No Stone Unturned

Keep checking back. I promise we'll do better at keeping up with blogging!

Julian's Bday, Uncle Kyle and Manda visit