Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

We had fun over the 4th weekend! Mimi and Papi drove down to spend some time with Owen and Mason, as well as Uncle Kyle before his big trip to Ecuador on the 5th. We all met in Austin on Lake Travis where my parents have a boat. We enjoyed a hot day on the lake on the 3rd swimming, relaxing, drinking margaritas, playing watermelon goose in the water, grilling on the boat grill, taking an evening drive to see a fireworks show, and a night drive back to the marina. Why are night drives so fun? We got up on the 4th and had our rain-checked Father's Day lunch since all the dads were together. Afterwards, we headed back to Houston in time to enjoy a low key evening of s'mores and sparkly sparklers. Uncle Kyle headed out early the next morning for his big trip to Ecuador with Manda. The weekend was fun, both sets of grandparents are always a hit with the boys!

July 4th Weekend