Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crib Problem Solved

Well, we did it! I am so relieved that we figured out a way to lower the mattresses to a height we felt comfortable with...2-3 inches. So far there have been no indications that Owen and Mason can get out on their own. Phew! Here are some pics in case you were wondering...

1. Before (we had already unscrewed the brackets so I had to hold it for the picture).

2. After. I know, looks real simple. For some reason it wasn't. We wanted the spring to go lower and it wouldn't fit inside the 'frame' that it is now resting on. We spent a while trying to fit it in there but thought we weren't lining it up properly. Come to find out, the spring was about 1/8" too big to fit down in there. Argh!

3. Back side of crib with the new bolts in place.