Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Months Old

To say we are all really enjoying our Jack-boy around here would be an understatement! 

At three months old, Jack:
  • weighs a bit over 12 lbs. (we do not have an exact measurement for this month - no well-check this month).
  • smiles ALL the time.
  • is finding his voice in the family.  He is starting to coo but he is still mostly an observer.
  • is an extremely tolerant kid.  He pretty much just goes with the flow.  Aaron and I are wondering when this will change!  We suspect it may disappear as he becomes more self-aware.
  • sleeps from his twilight feeding around 10/11 pm until about 7 am.
  • gets more hugs and kisses in one day than is probably legal. :)
  • is a great night sleeper.  Once he is asleep, he doesn't make a peep until he's hungry in the morning.  This is quite different from his brothers who used to wake a few times a night for a pacifier replacement, or other various reasons (and still do on occasion). 
  • puckers his lips, breathes quickly, and kicks one or both legs when he sees something he really likes.
  • loves Mickey Mouse and does his previously mentioned excited dance when he sees Mickey (okay, this was technically discovered a few days after he passed his 3 month birth date).
  • thinks Owen and Mason are fascinating, and Owen and Mason love him to pieces.
  • went on a month-long nursing strike.
  • still enjoys being swaddled at night.  Not sure what we are going to do when he out-grows his velcro swaddler thingy.  I hope they make bigger sizes!
  • loves to kick and flail his arms with a big grin on his face during diaper changes, especially if he is only in a diaper.
  • thinks his crib mobile is amazing.
  • is getting close to rolling from back to tummy, and still consistently rolls tummy to back, proving to mom it wasn't a fluke at 7 weeks old.
  • loves baths.
  • enjoys standing on laps.  He will usually do a little dance by stomping just one foot in excitement.  His brothers think this is hilarious.
  • has elicited not an ounce of jealousy from his big brothers.
  • really loves his pacifier - gumdrop pacifiers to be exact.
  • loves his head/face covered when he wants to sleep.  He will almost immediately pass out as soon as you cover him up.  Of course we only do this while we are holding him (and constantly checking that he has room to breathe)!
  • loves to clutch blankets and pull them close to his face - specifically his bamboo blankets.
  • still loves his swing.