Saturday, March 20, 2010

My kids love to sing!

The kids have been really into their new guitars they got for Christmas. Owen's guitar plays songs from the radio, and recently we heard "All Star" come on. Random, I know...I don't think I've heard that song on the radio in over five years at least! My smarty pants not only recognized the song (his guitar does not sing the words) but knew exactly which color button he had to push to hear it play. Since then, both Owen and Mason took a special liking to the "blue button" because they heard it on the radio. Well, now we know the words and it is just too cute to watch how Mason turns the word "mold" into 3 syllables just like the song. Here's a video as we were jamming out in the car:

Another thing they LOVE to sing to are the buttons from Hallmark that play different songs. We have a couple of Christmas ones that they fully enjoyed throughout the entire season. Every now and then they bust out singing their Christmas songs (they each claimed a specific button, so they feel ownership of the song it plays). They did it again a month or two after Christmas and I realized I never got it on video during the holidays. So, without further ado, here are a couple of Christmas songs courtesy of Owen and Mason. Happy Spring! :)