Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Little Videos!



I just LOVE this video of Mason. He is singing his favorite song. I knew he knew the words but I've never seen him sing it for so long at once as well as do the motions. There's even a musical break and he knows exactly when to chime back in. So priceless!


Here are the cute little pirate wheels that Raetta and Bill gave them. We have since mounted them to their swing set, and later will move them to the wooden fort that Santa will hopefully bring!


If you haven't already gathered, the Backyardigans is their favorite show. Here they are taking Uniqua and Pablo shopping in their new grocery carts from Numna. Since this video, they've learned how to RUN while pushing these carts, narrowly missing walls and furniture. So much for that!


Here's Owen telling us the toppings of his pizza. I had to remind him of some of them but his little voice is so stinkin' cute when he says 'pepperoni.' Also, watch his little mouth the first time he says 'mushroom' and his eyebrows the second time he says it. He is so precious!


Rollerskates from Uncle Kyle and Aunt Manda! Oh boy! They were asking to put these on by name...I had no idea they the right name. The poor kids do great except when they fall. They can't manage to get their feet back under them. I wonder why? The vid gets super cute when we're signing off and telling Kyle and Manda bye bye. So sweet!