Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is this what little boys are made of?

So it seems that the last couple of days Owen and Mason have really cranked up their energy dial. Aaron was nice enough to watch them one evening while I went out and did some shopping. He called me while I was out to see if I had given them coffee, sugar, or let them play with lots of puppies. They were apparently bouncing off the walls and wouldn't stop. Some bouncing is normal, but never for as long as they were going at it. Of course, they feed off each other. What one doesn't think of, the other one does. Aaron said they would run into a room squealing, throw some toy (they do not have a history of being 'throwers') and turn around and run to the next room before the toy ever hit the floor. Like a good dad, he decided it was time for bath and was filling the tub while undressing the maniacs. He looked away for a split second to get Owen's shirt off and by the time he turned back to Mason, he was drenched from his head to his waist. I guess he leaned over the tub and under the running water. How he got his entire upper body wet in such a flash, we may never know. But Mason sure thought it was awesome. Here's proof: