Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before I forget...

Owen and Mason go to sleep with this little aquarium that bubbles and plays music. If they wake up in the night, we stumble in and turn it back on for them...and it usually works. Well, the other night, Mason was having trouble staying asleep. He woke up crying and I went in and turned on the aquarium. It played it's nice little tune for the next 18 minutes and even lulled me back to sleep through the monitor. Not long after it stopped, I was awoken again by Mason's crying. In I went to turn on the aquarium. It worked for a while but not long after it stopped Mason started crying again. Ugh! I hesitated for a second because I was not looking forward to dragging myself out of bed again. Mason let out 2 cries and then on came the aquarium....and then no more crying. That little stinker stood up, reached from his crib to the dresser and turned the darn thing on himself. I was shocked! And of course I actually laughed out loud and had to wake up Aaron and tell him. What a cute boy I have!
Another funny thing that recently happened is one of those things that only happens with twins. And it is one of those things that people with twins 'say' happens but you never actually think you'll witness it. Well, mark my words. I saw it! The other day, Owen and Mason were both playing with one of those bead maze things like they have at doctor's know, the ones with the beads on a wire arranged like a roller coaster? Anyway, Owen was on one side, playing with the beads on the red wire. Mason was on the opposite side, playing with the ones on the blue wire. I took notice because they were actually both playing with the same toy with no arguing. In fact, there was not a peep out of either of them. here's the amazing the EXACT same time with still no peep out of either of them, they both started scooting counter-clockwise until they got to the opposite side, where brother was sitting, and started playing with the beads on the new wire. I was amazed! I was thinking...'how did you both know to switch at the exact same time with no verbal cues?! Seriously?!' This is just one of those things that most of us will never, ever understand. How cool is that! I'm just so thankful to be their mom!