Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jibber Jabbering and Singing

Owen and Mason are picking up lots of new words lately. Here's a quick rundown:
Pumpkin (kuh-kin)
Paci (tah-see)
Bunny (nunny)
Banana (nana)
Off (op, off, or opf-switches daily)
Apple (papple)
Bubble (buh-boh)
Truck (cuck)
Car (cah)
Sky (ky)
Tree (tee)
Numna (nuh-na)
Yellow (lellell or something like that)
Bella (ella)

This brings word count up to around 40. Wow!

New animal noises:
Elephant-buurrrrr, raises arm like a trunk
Goat-boo (They can't distinguish when I say ghost or goat)

Owen and Mason have been learning new songs, too. Mason is better at singing them and Owen is better at dancing to them. They make a good team!
  • ABC's: Mason doesn't say the actual letters but he hums the tune. It is very clear when he gets to the 'E-F-G' part.
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider: Mason starts singing some random tune that doesn't sound like any song in particular, but he tries to make the spider with his hands while he's singing. I've been singing this to them a lot so I know it's what he's trying to do. He has such a sweet little voice.
  • Owen loves to make up his own songs. He is constantly singing something. He always has a song in his head. He'll usually start dancing, too.
  • Backyardigans: We got a Backyardigans Halloween DVD and the kids love it. They mostly like the theme song though. We were walking down the hall of our hotel here in WV and I started singing the song. Both Owen and Mason stopped in their tracks so they could dance to it.
  • Disney Sing Along: My mom pulled out an old VHS that my sister and I watched when we were kids. Owen and Mason loved it and I was trying to figure out how to get it onto DVD since I'm pretty sure my parents are the only people left who still have a VCR too. I happened to look at Babies R Us and found it! Same version! Amazing! I couldn't resist and it has proven to be an all-time favorite. Both kids are mesmerized for the entire length of the DVD. It's a great way to distract them so I can get things done!