Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Babies

Aaron is in West Virginia on business...going on week three...and boy do Owen and Mason miss him! They can't say it with words yet but they have done several things over the past few days that have let me know. Friday morning we went down to the clubhouse of Numna and Bee's retirement complex for lunch. Owen grabbed hold of one man's fingers and wanted to walk around with him. Then, when that man had to go, he found another man to pick him up and hold him. He wouldn't even come to me when the second man had to leave.

I showed the boys some pictures of Daddy last night. I asked them who it was and Mason said, "dada." So sweet.

Tonight Aaron was on the phone and I let Owen and Mason say hi. Up until now, they've just stared at the phone and then tried to push buttons. It's like they all of a sudden know that Daddy needs to hear their voice. I held the phone up and Mason said, "hi." Then he waved at the phone and said hi several more times. I told him to tell Daddy he loves him and Mason leaned over and kissed the phone. When I told Owen to say hi to Daddy, he repeated over and over, "dada, dada." Then Aaron told Owen he loved him and Owen leaned his head over and layed it on the phone.

I know Aaron can't wait to see his babies on Friday and they can't wait to see him!