Monday, March 17, 2008

10 months ALREADY!

I haven't updated this thing in a while because of being out of town and two rounds of company back to back! Now that life is getting back to normal I can finally update everyone on what's been going on around here!

Owen cut 2 more teeth and you would have never known by the way he was acting! His top two have come in and he is already leaving teeth marks on the crib railing! Oh well. We had our very first fever ever on Sunday night. Owen woke up with a 102.3! After looking in his ears and checking him out the doc thinks it is just a bad cold. Good news.

Mason has learned how to clap along to "patty cake" but more impressively he can do the "rooooollll it." Smartie pants! He also sticks his tongue out when you to it first. I think it may be the cutest face he has ever made! I just want to squish him when he does it. Manda was here and she taught him how to pucker his lips and blow through them. Now he does it all the time and his lips look so cute!

We all went to Rockdale to visit my mom's older brother where he is in an Alzheimer's nursing home. He used to be a pediatrician and absolutely loved children. Unfortunately, he did not seem to realize that there were two babies right there with him. I like to think Owen and Mason somehow brightened his day even if we couldn't tell on the outside.

Aunt Lindsay was in town from NYC and the babies really enjoyed the extra attention! They really liked playing games with her like "make a funny face" or "make a funny noise." We also weighed the babies since they turned 10 months. Mason came in at 20 lbs 9.8 oz and Owen was 22 lbs 1 oz. Holy Moly!

Mimi and Papi were in town from Lubbock along with Uncle Kyle and Manda. We ventured to the zoo for the first time. Owen and Mason enjoyed strolling around outside and thought the fish and giraffes were the best!

Below are quite a few albums with lots of new pics...

Late February Pics:

A balloon and a new toy

Almost 10 Months:

Some cute pics in a cute outfit

Play time on the new carpet

We love Bella

10 Months!

Play time and lots of cute pics

Playing, Mimi and Papi, Zoo

Being silly and a tunnel

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