Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Week 15

This week has been pretty eventful! Owen has started to realize he is in water when he takes a bath. He purposefully kicks his legs and moves his arms around to feel the water splash! It is so funny! He even got to go for a swim in the baby pool at Aaron's company picnic. Of course, he loved that too!

Mason has become quite the talker this week. When we talk to him he smiles and makes squeaks, sighs, and consonant sounds like la, guh, and da. He will have a "conversation" with you for 5-10 minutes, although everytime we pull out the video camera he stops talking!

Granna, Grandaddy, Aunt Lindsay, and Great Numna came to visit this weekend. They really enjoyed the babies and couldn't believe how much they have changed! This was the first time Numna had seen them since they started smiling and laughing. What a treat!

Week 15 is still in progress so there will be more pictures to add later in the week. In the mean time, enjoy the first of the week 15 pictures!

Week 15

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